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Little panda Izzy grew up in love and care, was very curious and wanted to go around the world from an early age.

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And so, when it grew up, decided to make the dream come true and went on the first trip.

Izzy was the first to encounter raccoons. As the raccoons greeted panda on two paws, it was frightened, but it turns out that in raccoon culture, standing on hind legs - is not a sign of aggression at all.

Hi, nice to see you! You are a quite different racoon, I’ve have never seen one like you.

Hi, nice to see you too! I am not a raccoon at all, I am a red panda. We do look a lot alike.

Raccoons seemed to Izzy very similar to pandas: they also like to sleep during the day and go for a walk in the evening, climb trees well, like berries and fruits, but have never tasted bamboo, and wash in the river everything they want to eat.

Next Izzy met giant panda, who also liked to eat bamboo, but they ate different parts of it: giant panda preferred items, red pandas - leaves.

Hi, my name is Izzy, I'm a Red Panda! And I like bamboo too, only I like the leaves better.

Hi, my name is Lee, and I'm also a panda, but a Giant one! That's interesting, help yourself.

The giant pandas also liked to climb trees and climbed high if they were scared or sad.

This time she encountered a cat who sometimes went out for a walk and talked about his kind owners who loved and cared for him very much.

It turned out that the cat likes to wash himself the same way as the panda (by licking his front paws and then rubbing his back, stomach and sides with them).

Hi, it's funny that you wash up just like me, but you're some other panda!

Hi! I'm not a panda at all,
I'm a house cat. Nice to meet you!

My name is Izzy, nice to meet you, too.

Charlie told Izzy that it’s owners’ friends had a red panda, that looks just the same.

It turned out that the panda who lives with people was rescued by them from poachers, who illegally hunted it small for its beautiful fur, especially for its highly valued bushy tail.

The panda was very interested in the cat's story and went looking for it. And then in one window Izzy finally saw the same red panda.

Hi, my name is Taylor! I've never seen anyone more like me, what house do you live in?

Hi, my name is Izzy! I don't live in any of these houses. I’m traveling now, and I grew up in the Himalayas. You’d love it there too, would you like to come with me?

I would love to see how you live, but honestly, I'm a little scared and sad to part with my guardians, they are very nice.

You can always come back, but I assure you this journey is worth it. If you know where you are from, it is harder for others to stop you from where you are going.

Back home, Izzy introduced it’s parents to a new friend Taylor and told them about other animals that were so similar to them. Little traveler was fascinated by how big and different the world around us is.

Taylor was excited to see the pandas and learned from them that most pandas are introverts.

They may all live in different trees and only occasionally meet, but that doesn't make the bond between them any weaker.

Taylor learned to climb trees just as deftly and sometimes, sitting almost on top of them, trying to look beyond the horizon, dreamed of new adventures.

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Red Panda journey

“If you know where you are from, it is harder for others to stop you where you are going”

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Red panda - young traveler and big dreamer


Racoon - playful creature that loves to live near a river.


Giant panda - nice bear, likes rolling instead of walking.


Domestic cat - great sleepyhead, very dexterous and fast.


Red panda - friendly introvert, adores climbing the trees.





Red panda - young traveler and big dreamer

The first panda

They were given the name ‘panda’ first; roughly fifty years before the black and white variety.

4 kg of bamboo

One red panda can eat up to 4 kg of bamboo in a day.

Snoring is just a birdsong

The red panda makes sounds similar to birds singing when it sleeps.

Where to find?

As the big panda, the red panda, is found only in Southeast Asia.

6 toes

The little panda has six toes on its front legs, not five.


Racoon - playful creature that loves to live near a river

Just like human

A raccoon's pawprint is very similar to that of a human hand.

Fast - learners

Raccoons that are pets can easily learn to open water taps and are happy touse this ability.

Moms work hard

Female raccoons feed their kids 24 times a day.

Dexterous paws

Raccoons are able to grasp and hold various objects with their front paws,such as washing their food.

From North America to all world

Raccoons are native to North America. They were introduced to other parts of the world later.


Giant panda - nice bear, likes rolling instead of walking

Rolling down the hills

Giant pandas love to roll down steep hills, a habit they picked up to escape predators.

What a cutie!

Giant panda is listed in the Guinness Book of accomplishments as the cutest animal on earth.

Tricky plan

A panda named Ai-Hin outsmarted the center staff by pretending to be pregnant to improve living conditions.


The panda's daily food allowance is 12-38 kilograms of bamboo(about 3,500 stems).

Not a Sleepyhead

Pandas do not hibernate.


Domestic cat - great sleepyhead, very dexterous and fast

Not a sweet tooth

Cats do not taste sweet.

Special fingerprint

The nasal surface of cats is as unique as the fingerprints of humans.

Boys & Girls

Cats- boys are mostly left-handed and cats-girls are mostly right-handed.

Pronounce up to 100 sounds

Cats can pronounce about 100 sounds, but dogs can only pronounce about ten sounds.

Check the temperature

Cats sniff food before they eat because that is how they determine its temperature.


Red panda - friendly introvert, adores climbing the trees

Little but fearless

Red pandas are roughly the size of a large domestic cat.

Special diet

The red panda diet is 97% bamboo and they occasionally eat small mammals, eggs and flowers.

Late Bloomers

They are active mainly at night and they tend to look for food at dawn and at dusk.

Sweet or Savory?

Red Pandas prefer artificially sweetened water to regular and naturally sweetened water.

Can Red Panda be kept as a Pet?

Although the red panda is cute and cuddly-looking and breeds well in captivity, unfortunatelly it's not a common pet.

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